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Traumatol jod – Bleeding stopper with a disinfecting and antiseptic agent (jodine)

Traumatol® jod – 60ml

Bleeding stopper with a disinfecting and antiseptic agent (jodine).

• Stops small bleeding
• Supports the healing process
• Adhesive effect

Traumatol® jod spray is used to stop bleeding and treat small surface injuries. The active ingredient – sodium alginate – forms a mechanical, gel-like barrier over the injured area; this barrier absorbs blood or exsudates formed from the site of injury and supports the healing process. PVP-IOD contained acts as a germicide and bactericide adhesive of the bandage thus formed. The content of potassium iodide increases stability of the ingredients.

Propylene glycol improves dispersing of the system ingredients, and urea acts as a natural hydration factor of the keratin layer of epidermis.


Use: Shake before use. Hold the bottle in the vertical position, with the bottom down. Apply the product by pressing the disperser above the treatment site, at the distance of 10 – 20 cm from the body surface. Apply by spraying on the surface of the treatment site in an amount which corresponds to the size of the treatment site. Apply so that the product does not flow off the treatment site. If necessary, spraying can be repeated upon prior cleaning of the treatment site.
Warning: Traumatol® jod spray is not recommended in hypersensitiveness to iodine or adjuvant substances contained. More careful attention must be paid in disorders of the thyroid gland, in renal disorders, during pregnancy, nursing and in children younger than 2 months.